Saturday, December 27, 2014

Catch up DLP

My early mornings include catch up in my Documented LIfe Project Journal. I was hugely behind due to over committment and illness but I used my early mornings to catch up.  Was steaming ahead, Still have about 6 to go.  Will she make it?  Who knows...I'll try.

This has been another fun project hosted by a talented team of artists who are all very encouraging and generous.  My latest pages

 Week 41  Polka Dots.
 Week 45  Put at tag on it.
 Week 46  Use fabric.
 Week 47 Add a map.
 Week 48  Gratitude.
 Week 49  Trace your hand.
 Week 51  Arrows.
.Week 52  Christmas Traditions

Making Art

I am in recovery mode after being fairly ill. One of the medications I am taking is causing me to suffer from insomnia, and as I am getting up by 3 am most morning, I am putting that solitary time to good use catching up on my art projects in which I fell behind.  The two projects I had hoped to finish were my Journal 52 and my Documented LIfe Project.  I did finish J52, made a cover and felt very good about it all.  I was steaming through DLP, counting how many I still had to go and blow me if they didn't publish a week 53 prompt.  Oh no!! Another catch up :).

J52 Prompts.
 Week 46  Use a napkin.
 Week 47  Wise words
 Week 49  Add a doodle.
 Week 48  Build a snowman.
 Week 43 Use a stencil.
 Week 50  Sparkle and shine.
 Week 51  Put a song on it.
 Week 52.  Circle.  From beginning to enad 2014 has turned its circle to Completion.  What an adventure!  Let's go 2015!
 Completed Journal.
Cover,  Music shhet gelli printed and doodled.  Unfortunately Igave the cover a protective coat of clear gesso and caused my doodles to run.  Too bad...I still love it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Recent Art Adventures.

Currently after a long break I am making art again.  I am so happy to be back at it.  Illness does make life difficult.

As I am a creature who loves to do prompts....(no imagination)...this year I undertook to play along with Documented Life Project , Journal 52 with the lovely Chelle Stein  with the amazing Tammy Garcia.

As well I like to do swaps.  I have just participated with a swap with Hanna at 
and with Shannon Ganshorn musingsonrealities
So now I would love to share some of my most recent work with you.  Anybody there?? :)

ihanna swap.  I make 10 post cards, enrol and Hanna sends me 10 international addresses.  I send mine off to four corners of the world and sit back and wait for the postman call with his loads of gorgeousness!

My Cards for the swap:

From Lynne, Pheonix, Az.

And just look at this stunner from Tanya....whoops....I have all her detai;ls except her address.  This was so darling that I didn't want to undo it but of course I had to. And look at that sweet little tag!

I have only received the two so far, so I am looking forward to more.

My adventure with Rae Missingham has just begun.  I am surprised that having so much fun is not illegal.  I have never done anything like this before.  The 12 Tags of Christmas.  Here are my first three.  So much fun!!

 No 1
 No 2

No 3
Last but not least for today a couple of pages in my Journal 52 project.  I am behind but with my mornings happening I am trying to play catch ups.

Hopefully I get some readership.  Doesn't really matter because I guess this is mainly for my satisfaction But I really hope to be inspired to continue regularly.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Daisy Yellow.

I am having a lot of fun playing along with the prompts posted by Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow.  I like doing mixed media but I find I need prompts to get me started. 

Tammy hosts lots of projects throughout the year and earlier I participaded in her Index Card a Day project.  Great Fun. This is an annual event with a huge following.

She also had Daily Paper Prompts and the one I am currently playing is Fun Colour Challenge  where each week she posts a list of colours and a list of prompts.  You may do as many or few as you like and this year we are doing them ATC size. And I am mounting them into a accordion book.

Week 1 I chose to do Citron / Forest, Vermillion / Doodle, Lemon / Flip Flops. and Peach / Album Cover. For backgrounds I chose to use Neocolor lls.

Week 2 I chose to do Tangerine / Quote, Lavender / Torn Paper, Charcoal / Tulip, Sky / Waves.  For backgrounds I used glass bead medium mixed with acrylic paint.

This is a project running currently over a number of weeks.  I am doing more with Daisy Yellow to the extent that I am battling to keep up with two other projects I took on this year namely Journal 52 and Documented Life Project.

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Glass Beads Medium.

Ooh yummy!  Playing with glass beads.  Two lots of backgrounds for ATCs.  The large on will be a set of 4 I am doing for a Halloween swap for Willowing.  The smaller pieces are for Week 2 of the Fun Colour Challenge at Daisy Yellow.  I also had to mix the colours for this as I didn't have them....hope they are close.  They are Tangerine, Sky, Lavender and Charcoal.  Now to the next step.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Continuing Update.

As well as the projects mentioned in prior post, I try to attend an Art Journaling class each month hosted by the lovely Michelle at her Snazzi Scrappin and Beads and led by the very talented and kind Janene.  She has been teaching these classes for about a year now and manages to come up with something fresh and different each month usually featuring a new product to learn about and play with.

I also participate in a number of art swaps.  I have swapped post cards for quite some time with two groups.  One is The International Post Card Swap hosted by Shannon Ganshorn from and the other I hope to continue is hosted by Hanna from
These are lots of fun and the anticipation waiting for returned mail is exciting.

And probably the last item on my list is my love of swapping ATCs.  I began doing these on Milliande's ning site but that has been discontinued and although some of the hosts of other types of swaps have moved to Face Book I haven't seen any ATC swaps and so I am doing a monthly swap challenge at  I really enjoy the communication and getting that lovely happy mail from overseas.

So that is how I fill my days and will try to do this more regularly.

Slack Blogger's Update

As usual I have filled my creative cup to overflowing.  I enrolled in a wonderful on-line art class called Soul Food which includes some wonderful and inspirational teachers.I haven't done a lot of these projects but I am faithfully downloading them and will get to them.

I also joined up with two free journaling groups The Documented Life Project hosted by five very fun ladies.  This consists of a weekly prompt to add to a bursting Diary/Planner.

The idea is to add your weekly work in response to the prompt as a tip in.

The other one I joined is Journal 52 another group with a weekly prompt which is run by Chelle Stein  For this project I am using an A5 journal and having fun.  I didn't do my cover, which was the first project because I am too messy and would ruin it by the end of the year.

The thing I am most excited and terrified of is that I am a part of a wonderful Art Journal round robin.  It is hosted by the wonderfully talented Louise from River Girl Art
I have done the very first page that I have ever done in another person's exquisite journal.  Thanks for your trust Roz.

This post has been on an adventure....I lost it and that exceedingly talented Louise, mentioned above found it for me.  Dunno how.  But I shall post this and continue later.