Monday, January 6, 2014

The Documented Life Project.

This is a new fun project that kicked off Jan 1 that I am trying to keep up with.  It has taken off like the proverbial house on fire, with enrollments exceeding 3000 and growing.

I am sure the five lovely hosts had no idea of the impact this would have.  There are very excited and talented people all round the world.  We are meant to use a Moleskine diary/planner and of course, me being me, I ordered the wrong size.  It's a little pocket size.   I quite like it, but it's very difficult to work in and so I am considering starting again with an A5 size.

This is some of my work so far.

International Post Card Swap 2014

I love to participate in art swaps.  I have played in this swap hosted by Shannon Ganshorn several times.  The idea is I make 10 postcards, enter my name a pay a small fee and after the closing date I am sent a list of 10 names of other players to send my work to.  And then I wait........until my happy mail starts to arrive and I get 10 pieces of art from people all round the world.  Fun Hey?