Saturday, March 22, 2014

Slack Blogger's Update

As usual I have filled my creative cup to overflowing.  I enrolled in a wonderful on-line art class called Soul Food which includes some wonderful and inspirational teachers.I haven't done a lot of these projects but I am faithfully downloading them and will get to them.

I also joined up with two free journaling groups The Documented Life Project hosted by five very fun ladies.  This consists of a weekly prompt to add to a bursting Diary/Planner.

The idea is to add your weekly work in response to the prompt as a tip in.

The other one I joined is Journal 52 another group with a weekly prompt which is run by Chelle Stein  For this project I am using an A5 journal and having fun.  I didn't do my cover, which was the first project because I am too messy and would ruin it by the end of the year.

The thing I am most excited and terrified of is that I am a part of a wonderful Art Journal round robin.  It is hosted by the wonderfully talented Louise from River Girl Art
I have done the very first page that I have ever done in another person's exquisite journal.  Thanks for your trust Roz.

This post has been on an adventure....I lost it and that exceedingly talented Louise, mentioned above found it for me.  Dunno how.  But I shall post this and continue later.


  1. LOL you did not really lose it :)
    I am just loving watching your work evolving and think you will soon be able to blog more easily as well.
    Art is so much fun and your pages are making me happy- so that is double the blessing

  2. I would never have achieved much at all in this area without your ongoing help and encouragement. So thank you for always being there when I mess about role reversal :)