Saturday, December 27, 2014

Catch up DLP

My early mornings include catch up in my Documented LIfe Project Journal. I was hugely behind due to over committment and illness but I used my early mornings to catch up.  Was steaming ahead, Still have about 6 to go.  Will she make it?  Who knows...I'll try.

This has been another fun project hosted by a talented team of artists who are all very encouraging and generous.  My latest pages

 Week 41  Polka Dots.
 Week 45  Put at tag on it.
 Week 46  Use fabric.
 Week 47 Add a map.
 Week 48  Gratitude.
 Week 49  Trace your hand.
 Week 51  Arrows.
.Week 52  Christmas Traditions


  1. Oh wow Pam you have been very productive! The pages look GREAT and this makes me think that I have to get going on some of my projects :-).

  2. Those 3.00 am sessions are proving very helpful to your art journey Pam! Well-done!