Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Post Card Swap.....iHanna

About twice a year I join in a post card swap hosted by Hanna at   http://www.ihanna.nu/postcard-swap/.  It is delightful to send and receive small pieces of art from all over the world.

I have been part of this for several years and it is great fun.  Usually I use watercolour paper but this time around I used cereal boxes cut to size.  Good firm card, I make my post card on one side and attach printed post card backs to the other side to address and send.

After the closing date Hanna sends an email with a list of addresses which may be anywhere at all.  Very exciting.

I did something different this time, I used a collaged background and then placed my focal images over the top.  I usually do painted backgrounds. I do hope the people who receive them enjoy them.  Some acknowledge when they get them and some don't.  It's always nice to hear if the mail arrives safely.  It is not a direct exchange.  Everybody's list is different.

Much fun!!