Saturday, December 13, 2014

Recent Art Adventures.

Currently after a long break I am making art again.  I am so happy to be back at it.  Illness does make life difficult.

As I am a creature who loves to do prompts....(no imagination)...this year I undertook to play along with Documented Life Project , Journal 52 with the lovely Chelle Stein  with the amazing Tammy Garcia.

As well I like to do swaps.  I have just participated with a swap with Hanna at 
and with Shannon Ganshorn musingsonrealities
So now I would love to share some of my most recent work with you.  Anybody there?? :)

ihanna swap.  I make 10 post cards, enrol and Hanna sends me 10 international addresses.  I send mine off to four corners of the world and sit back and wait for the postman call with his loads of gorgeousness!

My Cards for the swap:

From Lynne, Pheonix, Az.

And just look at this stunner from Tanya....whoops....I have all her detai;ls except her address.  This was so darling that I didn't want to undo it but of course I had to. And look at that sweet little tag!

I have only received the two so far, so I am looking forward to more.

My adventure with Rae Missingham has just begun.  I am surprised that having so much fun is not illegal.  I have never done anything like this before.  The 12 Tags of Christmas.  Here are my first three.  So much fun!!

 No 1
 No 2

No 3
Last but not least for today a couple of pages in my Journal 52 project.  I am behind but with my mornings happening I am trying to play catch ups.

Hopefully I get some readership.  Doesn't really matter because I guess this is mainly for my satisfaction But I really hope to be inspired to continue regularly.


  1. Great to know you have a blog dedicated to your art! Awesome stuff happening here! I'd not be too bothered by not keeping up just get on with where you are & what you love! So glad art is back as your fun & creative thing now the scary illness in its acute stage has passed! Denyse

    1. Denyse you are so right- just do waht you can and enjoy it!

      I love seeing your art works mum xxx

  2. Thanks Denyse and thanks for looking. It's just for me to have fun.