Friday, December 9, 2016

Mission Inspiration.

I have been watching the activities of a group called Mission Inspiration.  It is hosted be the very affable Mike Deakin and each month he gives out a challenge and then demonstrates his version.  So this month  inspired by my talented friend Roz Willoughby, I decided to give it a go.

The prompt is given in the form of a secret mission with the steps laid out.  This is the list for December.
1  Cover with book text fragments.
2  Add a thin layer of gesso or paint.
3  Apply texture paste through a stencil.
4  Spritz with colour or ink.
5 Add patterned paper shapes.
6 Add journaling or scribbles.
7  Add festive focal image/s.
8  Apply a little bling or sparkle.
9 Add title or quote   (I missed that!!)
10 Finish with border of your own choice.

So here it is....without title or quote  :(