Saturday, March 22, 2014

Continuing Update.

As well as the projects mentioned in prior post, I try to attend an Art Journaling class each month hosted by the lovely Michelle at her Snazzi Scrappin and Beads and led by the very talented and kind Janene.  She has been teaching these classes for about a year now and manages to come up with something fresh and different each month usually featuring a new product to learn about and play with.

I also participate in a number of art swaps.  I have swapped post cards for quite some time with two groups.  One is The International Post Card Swap hosted by Shannon Ganshorn from and the other I hope to continue is hosted by Hanna from
These are lots of fun and the anticipation waiting for returned mail is exciting.

And probably the last item on my list is my love of swapping ATCs.  I began doing these on Milliande's ning site but that has been discontinued and although some of the hosts of other types of swaps have moved to Face Book I haven't seen any ATC swaps and so I am doing a monthly swap challenge at  I really enjoy the communication and getting that lovely happy mail from overseas.

So that is how I fill my days and will try to do this more regularly.


  1. Wow 2 posts in one day and look at all your gorgeous things :)

    1. I am a busy creative little dobee aren't I :)

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  3. Good to see your art and your blog Nany.