Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Spread in Australian Art Journal Circle Round 4.

I felt very honoured to be the first visitor in Jan Mullane's lovely journal.  Jan has done an excellent job making her journal, which is a comfortable size to both work in and to post onwards.  Her art work is very special.

For my spread I decided to try out a background I had seen demonstrated by a FB friend.  I used dylusions paints, stencils and stamps.  My intentions were to take step - by - step photos....but I forgot!

My focal point is dandelions, made by using a snipped toilet roll insert and a delicate touch.  They turned out OK.  I did the centres with bubble wrap and then some perfect pearls.

My quote says:  When you look at a field of dandelions, you can see, 100 weeds OR 100 wishes.
I hope it pleases you Jan, always remembering that we all make very different art and that is part of the joy of being part of such as this.

My page.

The quote

Close up of dandelion.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Day in the Loony Bin....OR.... Is that how to spell sewing machine?

I spend lots of time at my dinosaur desktop. It's in the spare bedroom.  Problem here is, it is next to a bare window, just wearing lace and it gets really cold.  Solution!!  I will make curtains.

Simple I hear you say!!  Not so!  I don't sew!
Simple you say! Its only straight hems. Not so!  I don't  do straight.
Course you can!!  OK!! LET'S DO IT!!!  And so the nuthouse door opens.

Took my measurements to the friendly team member at Spotlight.  Picked up a piece of backed fabric reduced to $8 metre.  Lovely lady cut two lengths for me, so now I have 2 curtains just requiring straight hems.  East peasy!!

Sure!! These are my steps.

1 Find some cotton  ...found

2 Wind bobbin....sure!  500 attempts later.  Spun off, wound round spindle. tangled up, done!!

3 Thread needle....where's the bloody hole?  Finally in!!

4 Sew sides hems....right!  Which is the sides pieces almost square. Looks like they run this way.
   WRONG!!  Unpick 4 sides...sigh. Turn do it again!! 
  What now?? Ran out of bobbin!!  Which means I have to pull thread out of needle. 
  Oh the pain!!

5  Wind bobbin, thread needle away we go.Sides done.

6 Hem bottom first because I think I will run out of cotton and top part won't show so much if I have      to use a different colour.  Done.  Bugger!  Tipped the pins over.  And where have the scissors gone?     I haven't moved, they must be here.  Oh!  Under the fabric.

7 Turn and hem the top.  Where did that res thread come from?  It in the bobbin and come through.         Pretty. This time the bobbin winds very lumpy?  So I get the bright idea to wind the lumpy one           onto another as I am really nearly out of thread.  Worked!  Stitched the rest  Done!

8 Call the Hubster to whack them up.  The fit!!  I'm stoked.

I would like to thank Uncle Alt Zeimer for popping in to give me a hand, but he can just keep moving.  I don't need him in my home and head, In my present condition  I can cause enough confusion.

So tonight it is really cold and my new curtain is going to get a right test run.  If I am not warmer after all that I will NOT be a happy camper!!