Friday, January 6, 2017

Dot to Dot Challenge AASG

We have lots of fun and challenges in our Australian Art Swap Group.  We have different swaps and challenges with different hosts.  To kick off the new year our friend Joan set up a totally new event with her Dot to Dot challenge.  She set a series of prompts which we had to follow.  Here is my effort.

#1    Recycle a food package. 
 I used a muesli bar box...a little small, but all I had.

#2  Mix some gravel, beads with paint or gesso to create texture.
I mixed river sand with bronze acrylic paint.

Spread the paste onto your substrate'

#3  While still wet place strips of material, ribbon etc.
I used a blue lacy material.

#4  Attach smaller piece of cardboard to your work and use some more of the sand/paint mix.

#8  Using a background stamp stamp over canvas.
Due to so much texture I could only do this in the centre of the piece.


#6 Using 3 compatible colours spray or drip paint, inks down the work.
  I used Daler & Rowney Acrylic Ink.

#7  Use pieces of tape that have been hand made.

#9  Use 1 to 3 pieces of metal or wood items to create focal point .
I used wooden embellishments and a wooden button which I fastened as well as the two pieces of cardboard with copper wire.

# 10  Find a quote from Shakespeare to use as your title.
Since my grandson played Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream I decided to use a Puck quote.

Finish off by inking the edges.  Oh my gosh I just realised I missed the last one.  To spray/splash coffee on piece.  Whoops!

I really enjoyed the challenge.  Had a lot of fun and dor the first time ever the art work led me.

Sorry that I got things a bit out of order and thanks for looking.