Saturday, December 27, 2014

Making Art

I am in recovery mode after being fairly ill. One of the medications I am taking is causing me to suffer from insomnia, and as I am getting up by 3 am most morning, I am putting that solitary time to good use catching up on my art projects in which I fell behind.  The two projects I had hoped to finish were my Journal 52 and my Documented LIfe Project.  I did finish J52, made a cover and felt very good about it all.  I was steaming through DLP, counting how many I still had to go and blow me if they didn't publish a week 53 prompt.  Oh no!! Another catch up :).

J52 Prompts.
 Week 46  Use a napkin.
 Week 47  Wise words
 Week 49  Add a doodle.
 Week 48  Build a snowman.
 Week 43 Use a stencil.
 Week 50  Sparkle and shine.
 Week 51  Put a song on it.
 Week 52.  Circle.  From beginning to enad 2014 has turned its circle to Completion.  What an adventure!  Let's go 2015!
 Completed Journal.
Cover,  Music shhet gelli printed and doodled.  Unfortunately Igave the cover a protective coat of clear gesso and caused my doodles to run.  Too bad...I still love it.

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  1. I LOVE it too Pam!! I have learnt to spray a fixative over the page as I have messed up a lot of pages when the products are reactive to other wet mediums. I hope I get to see the journal in person some time :-).