Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year Projects.

This year I am going to try to restrict myself....meaning CONTROL myself to what I can comfortably manage.  I love doing swaps and following prompts.  I am a bit slow to work out what I want to do to depict the prompt, and so I get behind.

This year I plan to once again to do The Documented Life Project, Journal 52 with the lovely Chelle Stein and Prompt 60 with the wonderful Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow .

I will also be taking part in some Australian Art Swaps for ATCs with Louise Kirby as host and some Post Card Swaps.  My current Post card swap is Musings on Realities with Shannon is international.

Here are my first efforts for 2015.

For DLP  the first month theme is the Empty Page and Week 1 is Setting Goals.
 Week 1 Spread.



For Prompt 60 which is a prompt a day, but it is not neccessary to follow that as a time my leisure is the rule here.  So far:

 Title Page.

 Documenting papers used for first layer.

 Teeny Icon Mandala.

Collage in Green Book Style.


  1. Lovely work Mother Tiger and nice tidy blogging too - thanks for sharing.