Friday, June 29, 2018

iHanna DIY Post Card Wrap Up.

Looks like my total this time for #diypostcardswap for May 2018 will only be 8/10 although I was lucky enough to receive a bonus from a special friend.  Hi Tammy :)  I was not on her list.

So here are the cards I received this time around.  I have done this swap twice a year for several years now.

#1 From Judy Hazlett, Townville PA

#2 From Debbie, California.

#3 from Annika  a delicious collage

#4 from Kelli, Nevada City, CA

#5 from Quinn in Pheonix Arizona

#6 from Rachel in Waco Texas

#7 from Sarah in Slovenia.  A peacock's tail.

#8 from Katie Burke.  Another lovely collage.

#Bonus for the lovely Tammy Ham.  We have been friends for a long time and she does wonderful work.  This set was assisted by her dear Mother.  Thank you both.

 And so that's a wrap from the 2018 iHanna Spring Swap.

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