Friday, January 26, 2018

#365dayssomething Week 4

Well here we are again.  Still going.  Not at all sure how artistic it all is but it's fun.

#21 Squirrel Appreciation day.

Not exactly sure how one appreciates a squirrel, and at the time my computer was in sick bay and I couldn't download an image I decided on a koala instead.  This image was copied from a colouring book I bought by local Indigenous  artist Mirree Louise Bayliss.

#22  Found at the Beach.

#23  Words.

#24  Washi Tape.

#25  Opposites.

My opposites Up and Down where done with the mask opposite!  Whoops!

 #26  Bald Eagle.

 #27   Mozart's Birthday.

It's a fun list developed from all kinds of lists the host found on line as well as important US and Canada Dates.

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