Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#aags30daychallenge Days 9 and 10.

I saw this done on a Youtube video and I was impressed so I thought I would try it.  Sadly I didn't bookmark the vid so I can't go back to see what happens next. It is a 2 part technique so I did it over two days.

I put a heap of heavy duty acrylic onto my canvas in two colours and white and the got my fingers into it.  The idea is to develop lots of texture and then I left it to dry. Below is Day 9 development.

Day 10 and I had to rotate my canvas and do it again.  Makes for very interesting fingers and anything else I touch.  Then with a plastic card scrape all over to make lines. Fun and messy.  What next? No idea.

Close up look at the texture created. 


  1. Wow! that's amazing. Almost looks like something you could create on the gelli plate, but with so much more texture. I bet it will feel amazing when you run your hands over the dry paint.

  2. wow I am loving your experimentation :)