Saturday, July 18, 2015

ICAD 2015

I have been having a lot of fun playing along with my ICAD friends at Daisy Yellow again this year.  For those who are unaware of ICAD, it stands for Index Card a Day and it runs from June 1 to July 31.  The idea is that a cheap and unimportant substrate should not impede your creativity and hush the inner critic that says your work is not good enough for better supplies.

Tammy Garcia is the Fairy Godartist behind ICAD and she comes up with lashings of juicy prompts tp be followed or not as the muse strikes you.  She also posts a list of weekly themes with the same direction. So the rules are:  No Rules.  Have fun and play along.  The group is kind, generous and encouraging and in all it is heaps of fun.

To begin we have a list of warm-ups to get the juices flowing.  This year there are 10 prompts.  Here are my warmups.

 Week 1  Theme:  Drawing, Doodling, Pens, Markers, Ink.

1 Chevron
2 Carnival
3 Draw a Map
4 Mailbox
5 Owl
6 Taxi
7 Draw a Periodic Table

Week 2  Theme:  Painting, Gouache, Watercolour, Acrylics, Watercolour Pencil.

8   Grapefruit and Cherry
9   Carrot and Lemon
10  Eggplant and Ginger 
11  Lime and Mango
12  Parsnip and Kiwi
13  Blueberry and Plum
14  Salt and Pepper

 Week 3  Theme:  Collage, Paper, Found Text, Magazine Clippings, Old Books, Lists.

15  Route 66
16  Greeting Card
17  Wabi Sabi
18  Tree House
19  Snow Globe
20  Colour Wheel
21  1970s

Week 4  Theme:  Wallpaper, Thread, Quilts, Abstract and Geometric patterns.  Neocolor, markers and ink.  

22 Psychedelic
23 Romantic
24  Geometric
25  Botanic or Organic
26  Exotic
27  Academic
28  Dramatic

Week 5  Theme:  Mark making tools, Stamps, stickers and Tape.

29  Iced Cream
30  Telephone
31  Trivia
32  The Weather
33  Mad Man or I Love Lucy
34  Flag Independence Day
35 Portrait

Week 6  Theme:  Use different colour pallette each day, any medium.

36  Backgammon
37  Chess or Checkers
38  Mah Jong
39  Bingo/ Monopoly
40  Yahtzee
41  Bridge or Rummy
42  Scrabble

Week 7  Theme:  Words, Typography, Found Text, Definitions, Poetry, Calligraphy.

43  Definition
44  Focus or Blur
45 Saturday Night Live
Album Cover
47 Fashion
48 Disco
49 Black and White

There are now only 12 days left of this years ICAD.  It has been heaps of fun and I will share the remaining cards when they are done.


  1. Wonderful collection! It's so hard to believe it's over!!

  2. Hi Pam, I loved seeing all of your cards (to date) like this! And I like your name for Tammy too. Loved being part of ICAD with you in 2015. Onward to 2016...Ha! Denyse x