Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I've been absent for a while.

I haven't been doing much/any art for some time as I got sick again.  My specialist weaned me off the steroids I had to take and I lasted only two weeks before I relapsed.  Thank goodness it was not as bad as the first time, but enough to return to a serious medication regimen which causes all sorts of other problems.  Oh well, there is always something.

I have recently signed up for a fun free course, hosted by Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow called Draw Your Words.  Much Fun and I will share my efforts here now.

Lesson 1  Alphabetise.
This exercise just encourages writing the alphabet continuously in various styles to fill an index card.

Lesson 2  Block Letters.

This involved making squares and the filling in the background to leave the letters as negative space.

Lesson 3  A Journal Page.

 Following a tutorial Tammy led us through the Purple Page.  The elements used were Collage, stamps and a quote.  I used a home made stamp and scraps of other works on watercolour paper for my collage.

Lesson 4  Doodled Block Letters.

This was heaps of fun.  After watching the video away I went having a ball.   The idea was to make coloured letters and then fill them with doodles.  I used all kinds of markers and pens for this.  Gelly rolls, gel pens, Posca paint pens, various markers.  Fun, fun!!

Lesson 5  The Yellow Page.

This was another journal page with a delicious background to create.  Once again paint, collage, stamps and I chose to scrape some textured elements to the background paint.  I liked the colours very much.

Lesson 6   Repeat and Stretch.

For this lesson we had to choose a word and write it out three timmes in different sized font.  After Tammy showed us how to make the word fit perfectly.  My background was made previously to use up excess paint from another project.  My word was Inspiration for that is what Tammy surely is.  I used FW Artists Acrylic Ink for the words and doodles with some white Posca Paint pen to embellish.

And that is where I am up to at the moment.  Looking forward to more lessons soon.


  1. It's like a fun warm-up to ICAD isn't it? I'm not an art journal person but the letters & playing with materials is fun! Like this post a lot! You've done a really thorough job. I've been picking & choosing and not staying strictly to the plan. Thanks for your blog supportive comments over at mine too Pam! Denyse

  2. It makes me so happy to see you arting and learning and stretching yourself and blogging about it, you are amazing and I am so proud to be your daughter xxx